Sibiel Village

 Sibiel is a fairy village among the mountains, on the edge of the forest. But the fairies of this village grow and make everything themselves, from cheese to wine. 🙂 As such, village agritourism enthusiasts fill this lovely village, which is already small. Colorful historical houses, horse carriages roaming the streets, and the food that comes from the branch to the table brought us here. The fans of this village are not only tourists. From time to time, he visited the gardens for agritourism in bears and pigs on the mountain. 😛 Romanians are proud to continue their traditional way of life. In these days when village life in many parts of the world fell victim to technology and urbanization, it is both astonishing and admirable that they are able to maintain this culture until today. Now is the grape harvest season. Wines are made in house. Romanians have been ruled by others in their own lands for centuries. In an environment of distrust in this administration, the villages had to